Venue Sourcing

Our venue sourcing services are free!

We have state-wide contacts who retain our company for market exposure, which makes our venue sourcing free of charge to our clients.

Our contacts in the venue industry will save you money on cost of booking.

The right venue is imperative for the success of every event. Whether it’s a retreat, a wedding, a banquet, etc., the venue will set the tempo for the life of the event. Don’t let the wrong accommodation choices make your guests/clients uncomfortable and take care of any unknowns beforehand by utilizing our services.

What we’ll do:

  • Assess your needs (size, seating, food necessities, hotel accommodations, etc.)
  • Comb through our state-wide contacts to create a list of potential venues for your event
  • Contact those venues to go over specifications and negotiate the best price on your behalf
  • Create a proposal of the narrowed down venues for you to view
  • Help you decide which venue is the ultimate fit
  • Draft venue contract on your behalf with venue proprietors
  • Keep venue up to date on your needs as the date of the event approaches
  • Ensure that everything you require is delivered correctly at time of the event
  • Make sure you get the right venue at the right location for the RIGHT price.

Ready to see what our free services can do for you? Send us an email below so we can contact you or call us right now at (478) 394-0188.